Under The Radar

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  1. This is an Address from NPR: Nationalist Private Radio. No transcription of this broadcast will be made, as the Ministry of Labor has liquidated the Ministry of Education and reading has been outlawed. If you are able to read this, troops will be dispatched from the Ohio battlefront to arrest you immediately.
  2. A Spoonerism is an error in speech that makes for a hilarious rhyme, and Com Truise (a flub of Tom Cruise) is a smooth example.
  3. I can remember distinctly an interview that James Dean Bradfield, the lead singer of Manic Street Preachers, gave what seems like many years ago now in which he opined quite strongly that he "couldn't imagine still doing this [fronting the Manic Street Preachers] when I'm 40."
  4. The New Pornographers have announced some new North American tour dates. They go down this September, October, and November.
  5. Cross Record is the project of Emily Cross, who is also the vocalist in Loma. Cross Record is releasing a new self-titled album on August 2 via Ba Da Bing and now she has shared a new song from it, "The Fly." She has also announced some new North American tour dates, as well as some "Living Funeral" events.