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  1. Having been hooked already by “Give It Up” and “Soundry” in the prior weeks, There’s Talk today released their new EP, bathed water moon, which can be streamed in full above and on Bandcamp. Oakland trio There’s Talk craft an intoxicating atmosphere throughout opening track “Give It Up”. Olivia Lee’s float with ethereal, melodic precision, […]

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  2. After impressing with the track “Acid Test” last year, and exuding a very Wild Beasts-esque sound in doing so, Birmingham-based post-punk act Semantics are at it again with new single “Painless”. It’s another stellar one, beginning with a murky post-punk bass and quivering vocals, which really shine at 01:40 when the track’s first hook unveils. […]

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  3. Released today from Gainesville, Florida-based act The Hails, “Younger” is a sparkling new single with immediate charm. Serene vocals and quaint guitars establish the initial melody, with the vocals projecting a delicate melody during the bridge that leads to a brilliant hook — “it’s too late / you’re too late about it / tell me […]

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  4. California-based Alex Siegel impressed mightily with his 2017 tracks “Good Leg” and “Easy“, reminding of Paul Simon and Cat Stevens in an easy-breezy vein of folk with lyrical power and wit. His new track “Headspin” pursues a different – though equally successful – stylistic realm, one with a bouncy piano backbone and late-night synth adornments […]

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  5. House Party is a five-track EP released today from Balter Band, a nine-piece from Bloomfield, New Jersey with a funky, jam-friendly sound. Opener “Beer Sip” beings with the emphasis on guitars and glistening keys, with brass emerging near the one-minute mark. Brass plays a more prominent role in driving “Starch”, with a Zappa-like appeal. My […]

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