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  1. Credit: The Red Beanie

    Words: Ali Mack

    This new track, unveiled last week by London-based (via Berlin) JYLDA, floated through the speakers quite by chance - but a very welcome one.

    Gianna Gehlhar is seemingly getting ready to release her debut EP, 'Twitch', co-produced with Beni Giles (Otzeki, James, Marcus Foster) in the not too distant future, with 'Torrential River' being its lead cut.

    Ms Gehlhar's voice is seductive and commanding and her vocal dexterity reigns with ease over the quasi-industrial, electro sound of dark percussion, pulsating drums and striking synths.

    The songstress describes 'Torrential River' as "a documentation of heartbreak and of unrequited love – which is always the death of a dream. It’s the fight against something that feels like failure but is out of your control. The lyrics play with this imbalance, but the music evolves into a new world, becoming more and more upbeat."

    JYLDA will be playing a secret location warehouse party in East London on April 18, with another in Berlin on May 3. Find out more via Facebook here.

  2. Words: Sam Geary 

    Oakland, California experimental synth-rock five-piece Club Night are back after making their entrance last year with debut EP 'Hell Ya', with the another drop from their forthcoming full-length, 'What Life', out on April 5 through Tiny Engines.

    Produced by vocalist/guitarist Josh Bertram, 'Village' follows 'Mute' and 'Trance' and is a two and a half minute fuzzy piece with a quirky vocal and sweet, flowing synths.

    You can catch Club Night live on February 27 at Starline Social Club in Oakland.

    Listen here to 'Village.

  3. Sundara Karma have dropped a further track from their incoming 'Ulfilas’ Alphabet' LP, out on March 1.

    We have already heard 'Higher States', 'The Changeover', 'One Last Night On Earth' and 'Illusions', now check out the sassy 'Little Smart Houses' below.

  4. Credit: Wrapped In Plastic Photography

    Words: Sam Geary

    'The Dark' is the new single from Belfast's Beauty Sleep, and it errs more towards the group's name - beautiful and dreamy - than its title, that's for sure.

    With their debut album 'Be Kind' due to arrive on May 17 via Quiet Arch Records, 'The Dark' is a good foretaste of the trio's - Cheylene, Ryan and Aimee - dreamy, enigmatic pop quality which flows with entrancing vocal harmonies, shimmering synths and soft bass lines.

    Enter 'The Dark' below.

    Live dates

    15 The Waiting Rooms, London
    25 The MAC, Belfast
    06 Whelan’s, Dublin

  5. Words: Ali Mack

    Sydney artist Alec Mallia, aka Autosuggest, is planning on dropping his debut album, 'Tame Harm', later this year. But if you are interested in finding out just what his electro-pop jams are about, then take a listen to 'Graphic', the second self-produced cut the Australian has previewed from the forthcoming record.

    Taking a retro pulse harnessed by elements of dark, distorted electronic rhythms and industrial vibes, Mallia describes it as “an exercise in confidence, pushing my own vocals through what used to be a layer of murky reverb to be up front, and as gnarled and broken as the synthetic components surrounding it.”

    Watch the accompanying video clip - also directed by Mallia - below.

    “The music video is essentially a joke that got out of control," he says. "Jack McFarlane, the bass player for the live band, decided to shave an absolutely mighty mullet to his head. I kept mulling over the idea of him doing some sort of arty video to praise his distinguished look. I found a perfume bottle that looked the part. Making 'Graphic' a perfume commercial seemed like the obvious choice because really, how the hell do you sell a smell on TV?”

    Listen to the helluva infectious track now.