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  1. “Insecurity” is a consuming track released today from Color Card, a band that formed in Chicago by longtime friends Kyle Irwin (guitar, synth, vocals) and Eden Sierotnik (guitar, synth, vocals) in 2009. Bassist Eric Streichert joined in 2014. An effective rhythmic change-up at the two-minute mark gears up a nice transition, where eerie synth pads […]

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  2. bad blood by Brite “Bad Blood” is the debut single from Brite, a band hailing from Winnipeg. The one-minute mark — “to keep me to keep you,” — finds a more forcefully melodic guitar tone alongside the escalating vocals, firmly grabbing me thereafter. Leading back into the hypnotic, bouncing verses, the track establishes itself as […]

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  3. Released today, “In That Place” is a vibrant, melodic success from Hanwho, the musical project of Hanno van den Berg. Originally from the Eastern shores of South Africa, the project touts a broad, eclectic sound that touches on psychedelia, funk, rock, R&B, and beyond. This track feels very alive, propelled by sample-based hip-hop percussion, suave […]

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  4. The shimmering, twinkling “Best Friend” is a delight from Brooklyn duo Boyfriend Genes. Boyfriend Genes is comprised of brothers Thomas and Travis Shaver, who honed their multi-instrumental abilities growing up with the aid of their father’s music store. Their live show, established this year, provides considerably immersion with custom visuals and lighting. “Best Friend” itself […]

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  5. In The Morning by Jackson Davis Jackson Davis is a songwriter and producer from Chicago, releasing the track “In the Morning” today. The second release from his upcoming album, “In the Morning” starts with a prominent organ-fronted bounce. The vibrant, bouncy feel of the track from the get-go provides an inviting feeling, enhanced upon the […]

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