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  1. Words: Sam Geary 

    Self-produced by vocalist and jeys player Rebecca Lucy Taylor, Self Esteem, is new festive ode, ‘All I Want For Christmas Is A Work Email’.

    The wry, sad Christmas song provides an alternative take on the holidays, reflecting on the stress of the festive season.

    "I’ve always been into writing sad Christmas songs as deep stans will know - and that desire has apparently not left me," she says. "This was in my head as soon as I had decided to write something ‘Christmassy’. Because Christmas for me is more frustrating and difficult than any other time of year, I feel like it illuminates everything that might not be ok and makes it double not ok.

    "A goal of mine is to one day enjoy it like a normal person, but I wanted to write a song for fellow people who cope with life by working and creating and moving forwards - the enforced stillness of Christmas can be so triggering. Also I referenced The Darkness in the studio which is a first and potentially not the last."

    Tune in.

    Live dates

    18 Laylow, London
    19 Picture House, Sheffield
    20 YES, Manchester

  2. Words: Sam Geary 

    Sad Boys Club unveil their second EP today, the elaborately titled 'Four Shades of the Transitional Phase'.

    The four-track record, produced by the bassist, Pedro Caetano Leite, includes previous drops, ‘Dead Fridays’ and ‘Kukachu’, with new numbers, ‘666’ and ‘Swoon’.

    “The title really tells you what the EP is 'concerned' with," explains singer Jacob Wheldon. "I’m wary of reducing it further than that. Half explores my personal experience of loss and anxiety, an absence of direction maybe, and the other half deals with the profound affection I have recognized for the people who supported me through that time.

    “I think it’s an optimistic record. I hope people find reason to see it that way.”

    You can catch Sad Boys Club live at Colours in Hoxton, London for their EP launch show tomorrow, December 7. Meanwhile, take a listen to the record in full below.

  3. Words: Linn Branson 

    It's only just going live today (December 6), but Thrillhouse, with their debut offering, are already thrilling those who have heard it.

    Premiered last night on Radio X by John Kennedy, Little Indie is stoked to give 'One Of These Days' its online prem.

    The Brighton-based three-piece go all out on length (five-and-a-half minutes of, to be exact), sharp production, and sheer, infectious dance vibes; while an almost tongue-in-cheek instrumental arrangement gives ‘One of These Days’ appeal and an instant, hard to ignore groove through its loop-driven drums and hypnotic baseline, augmented by lustrous synths and intricate guitars.

    "The song is really just about getting older and the longing for lost youth," explains vocalist Sam of the emotive lyrical content. "It's centred around a really good time in my life when I was small and less old and how the memories of it become more cloudy as the years go by."

    Thrillhouse are:Sam Strawberry - vocals; Alistair Scott - bass, keys; Jack Nielsen - guitar, synth, wobble board

    For more, see Facebook

  4. With his new album, 'Fine Line', arriving on December 13, Harry Styles has shared a new song from the record.

    'Adore You' follows 'Watermelon Sugar' and 'Lights Up' which he performed recently on Later... with Jools Holland.

  5. Clairo has joined Swedish electropop trio SASSY 009 for a joint new release called 'Lara'.

    Clairo, currently on tour in the UK, released her debut album, 'Immunity', in August, while SASSY dropped their second EP, 'KILL SASSY 009' last month.