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  1. In our new feature, Little Indie sits one person in the guest reviewer's chair with a pair of headphones and five new tracks to swirl through their ears to give their opinion on each.

    In the chair this week, Richard Clarke.

    Job: Lead singer and guitarist at Casual Drag.
    Musical hates: When shite pop bands describe themselves as 'rock'.
    Musical loves: Reverb drenched garage punk with a little bit of psych thrown in.
    On my personal player:
    Future Glue - The Devil's Pulpit (without a doubt Glasgow's best punk band, they released this as part of an EP earlier in the year and I've lost count of the number of times I've listened to this song. A bit of a departure for them and the saxophone has a nice Bowie vibe to it)

    Cheap Teeth - Ageless (this has been on repeat for me for the last month, these chaps are from Edinburgh and are flying a flag for good punk coming out of the city. Great lyrics and I love the outro to this one)


    Credit: Erica Coburn 

    Dublin's neo-psych sextet Fat Pablo return with this new single, released July 19 - their fourth of 2019 already. Opening in a slow-building fashion, ‘Percolator’ finely balances various nuances and textures. The track soon shifts tempo with a combination of otherworldly synths, ferocious drums and captivating vocals.

    I like this a lot - tons of good music coming out of Dublin at the moment and Fat Pablo can be added to the list. Nice floaty psychedelic intro and a strong Tame Impala-esque outro. Best song of the five. Well done, boys!

    Star rating: ★★★★☆


    Released last week, the debut single from 20-year-old London multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. A four-minute mix of jazzy keys, impresive, soulfully raw vocals and easy pop-esque ambience.

    This is not my thing at all, but I'm sure there are people out there who love Porteous and I'm sure he's a lovely lad, judging by his mellow tones. Clearly talented and good at writing the music he wants to.

    Star rating: ★★★☆☆


    The former Falkirk duo who branched out into a five-piece (whose name comes from a line in Morrissey’s ‘First Of The Gang To Die') last year, with their just released, self-titled debut EP being the first sample of their sound. This track from it showcases big riffs and choruses in an indie pop-rock style.

    This reminds me a lot of the early Noughties indie that I thought had died out, but is coming back in a big way. Nice guitar work weaving its way across the track, also reminiscent of another Falkirk band Pleasure Heads, no bad thing.

    Star rating: ★★★☆☆


    Premiered by Huw Stephens on Radio 1, the Blackpool outfit dropped this new single on Fierce Panda, following on from their ‘Jekyll’ EP in 2018 and the recent ‘Echoes’ single. Swooping vocals and sweeping melodies, underpinned by a throbbing sense of genteel menace and all wrapped up in three minutes and 21 seconds.

    The music in this one reminds me a lot of the Arctic Monkeys, with clearly some excellent drumming driving the track. This kind of tune will probably sound at home in an arena setting.

    Star rating: ★★★☆☆


    Credit: Brooke Heasman

    Glasgow rockers The Naked Feedback return with their Baby Strange Johnny Madden co-produced latest offering. The funk-pop-influenced number was heavily influenced by Stevie Wonder, Prince, Michael Jackson, Pharrell and Mark Ronson - mixed with the band's signature rock guitars and powerful vocals.

    The guitar on this has a very nice late 70s Bowie feel to it; it sounds class. Also sounds a lot like 'AM'-era Arctic Monkeys. I'm sure these boys will go far, they've got the look and the sound to match it.

    Star rating: ★★★★☆

  2. Middlesbrough's multi-venue Twisterella Festival gets twisting away with its October line-up, with Bloxx, Red Rum Club, Lucia, Vistas, Dylan Cartlidge, Swimming Girls, Pom Poko, The Pearl Harts, Dancing On Tables, Mush, Peaness, EUT, Leif Erikson, Baby Teeth and The Vegan Leather all heading to Middlesbrough on Saturday October 12 for the 6th annual event.

    After spending 2019 performing at Glastonbury, SXSW and BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend, Mighty Redcar star Dylan Cartlidge returns to home soil to headline the Westgarth Social Club stage.

    Twisterella co-promoter Henry Carden said: "It's an absolute privilege for us to have Dylan as one of our headliners at Twisterella 2019. We've worked closely with him for the past few years and we couldn't be prouder of how he's progressed - he's genuinely one of the nicest people you could ever meet and he deserves all of the success that comes his way."

    Tickets are on-sale now, priced at £17.50 plus booking fee from local outlets and online here.

    With all of the venues less than 5 minutes walk from one another, the 1,000 capacity multi-venue metropolitan music festival utilises established stages such as Teesside University Students’ Union, The Townhouse, TSOne and The Westgarth Social Club, along with pop-up sessions in some of the town’s coolest bars in nearby Baker Street and Bedford Street.

    Full line-up for Twisterella 2019:

    Bloxx // Dylan Cartlidge // Saint Agnes
    // Vistas // Lucia // Red Rum Club // Swimming Girls // Pomo Poko // The Pearl Harts // Dancing On Tables // EUT // Far Caspian // Mush //Peaness // Leif Erikson // Baby Teeth // The Vegan Leather // Callum Pitt // Tranqua Lite // Martha Hill // Micah Erenberg // Roxy Girls // Only Sun // GGAllan Partridge // Pit Pony // Agoraphobia // Shears // DSR // Fever Days // Ghost//Signals // Kay Greyson // Michael Gallagher // Nel Unlit // Mt. Misery // Cherry Head, Cherry Heart // Heel Turn // Michael CG // Eve Conway // Travis Shaw // Komparrison // Rick Dobbing // Jay Moussa-Mann

    More artists still to be announced.

    For more details, visit the festival website.

  3. Words: Sam Geary 

    Brighton's indie punk outfit Harker dropped their newest single 'Dead Ends' back in May, but now are back with a visual treatment for the track.

    The video was put together by the band and Claire James as an homage to B-movie horror.

    ‘We’re all influenced by horror films," says vocalist and guitarist Mark Boniface, "something I’ve always wanted to be involved in since I was a teenager. This video we tried to encapsulate everything we love about them. Stretching to areas of spooky, gore, quirky, B-movie and downright entertaining."

    With a busy start to the year which has seen the band tour Japan, play a string of shows as main support for Mercy Union (ex-Gaslight Anthem) and appear at festivals such as Call of the Wild Festival and Booze Cruise Festival, Harker are poised to return to mainland Europe this September. See dates below.

    Live dates

    10 At the Edge of the Sea, Brighton w/ The Wedding Present

    05 Grenswerk, Venlo NL*
    05 Groene Engel, Oss NL*
    07 Monster Records, Hannover DE
    08 Metropool, Hengelo NL*
    09 Music City, Antwerp NL
    11 Paard, Den Haag NL*
    12 De Markthallen, Herk De Stad BE*
    13 Popmonument, Bergen Op Zoom NL*
    14 De Singer, Rijkevorsel BE*

    * w/ Magnapop

  4. With a sound that is described as an electric mix of Catfish and the Bottlemen, The Amazons, Sam Fender, Oasis and Arctic Monkeys, Scottish alt-rock quartet Sub Violet released their debut single 'Let Me Know' on July 19.

    Who are you?

    I’m Ewan McCunn, I’m lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Sub Violet. Then there’s Matthew Carson (bass) Jake Charleston (drums) and Joe McDonald (lead guitar).

    Tell us something about yourself and how you came to be where you are today.

    We’re based in Motherwell, Scotland, although our drummer and lead guitarist are from Edinburgh. I formed the band along with our bassist Matthew in 2017, we originally started as a piece then decided to get another guitar in, from there we went through a few lineup changes to finally get to where we are now.

    Give us an idea of your musical style and influences.

    I’d say we’re an alternative rock band. We’re influenced by all kinds of music. It’s always changing depending on what I’m listening to. although I always find myself listening to Catfish and the Bottlemen or The Amazons so I guess they influence our music a lot.

    Explain the production and writing process behind your songs.

    The writing process changes every song, usually one of us will have a chord progression or riff and we’ll play about with it and find a basic structure then I’ll go home and write lyrics for it. Sometimes it takes five minutes to write the song, sometimes it takes weeks!

    Tell us a little about your new single.

    ‘Let Me Know’ is our debut single. We wrote it about a year ago now and it’s went through loads of versions. It was one of the first ones we wrote after having a second guitarist join the band. It was recorded and produced by Paul McInally from 45 a-side in Glasgow; he’s class at what he does and spent so much time helping us develop the song.

    Can we catch up with you at any forthcoming live shows?

    Yeah, we’re playing Opium club/bar in Edinburgh this Saturday (27th July). It’s free entry so if you get a chance head along! Looking forward to it, will be a decent night!

    How's the rest of the year looking, plans-wise?

    Back in the studio next month, focusing on the single at the moment working hard to reach as many people as possible. Currently getting more gigs booked nothing set in stone yet.

    Where can we hear more of your music?

    'Let Me Know' is available on all major streaming platforms. Unfortunately, it’s the only tune we have out for now, but we’ve got some more songs hopefully coming out by the end of the year!

    What social media platforms can we find you on?

    Instagram // Facebook // Twitter

  5. Credit: Tanya Voltchanskaya

    Words: Ellie Ward 

    Upgraded from Little Indie's weekly collection of best new tracks bubbling up from Australia and New Zealand, as half way through listening to the quality of Vorsen's voice on new single 'Say All The Right Things', so hard to resist, that it needed singling out.

    Released last Friday (July 19), Perth-based singer/songwriter Oliver Halvorsen with his titular band, weaves a lush, atmospheric landscape around three and a half minutes of intricate structures with an irresistible soulful vocal execution that is just heaven to the ears.

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