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  1. Goodie Bag are a dream-pop act from Nashville, also infusing aspects of surf. Their debut EP Blue Girls released in October, and features a variety of engrossing tracks. Among them is “Saffron,” a demonstration of the band’s dreamy, deeply melodic qualities. Glistening keys accompany the soulful vocals to start, with guitars re-emerging just prior to […]

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  2. Pop duo Sand Tiger impress with new track “Summer Routine,” an effort inspired by “childhood summers in Florida, excessive self-reflection, and an obsessive search for novelty.” The project’s effervescent, hook-forward nature reminds fondly of The 1975 — with a melodic vocal likeness to Håkan Hellström. As evident by these comparisons, Sand Tiger show a knack […]

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  3. Suave and melodically engrossing, “Today” is a new track from Slowdaze, a musical collective from Hull, UK. They describe this as a “chill neo soul guitar track” — an apt description, since the murky guitars, smooth vocals, and hypnotic percussion blend together for a chilled-out, soulful vibe. The chorus, first emerging at 01:15, stretches out […]

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  4. “Scrooge” is a beautiful track from Brooklyn-based artist Daneshevskaya. Touting a glistening folk-forward sound, Daneshevskaya’s endearing vocal presence plays with ethereal charm alongside the stirring acoustics and soft key-laden touches. The bass-y backing at 01:47 adds a warming, symphonic component throughout the track’s remainder. “Scrooge” plays with lush, consuming beauty throughout, a striking release from […]

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  5. Peregrine Dive, the project of Felipe Javier Sanchez, impressed with the track “Fly Low” last month. The project just released the Swoon EP, further showing an integration of psych-rock and electro-pop tendencies. Among my favorites on the EP is the closing track “Why’d You Invite Me If You Know How I Get,” which develops with […]

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