Added Songs of 2018 on playlist!

Amusement Parks On Fire - Dark Is Out
Ash - Annabel
Breathe Panel - Carmine
Broken Records - Perfect Hollow Love
Calexico - End Of The World With You
Calexico - Under The Wheels
Calling All Astronauts - Metal Guru
Django Django - Marble Skies
Eels - Bone Dry
Embrace - Adrenalin
Embrace - Never
EUT - Bad Sweet Pony
Franz Ferdinand - Lazy Boy
INHEAVEN - Sweet Dreams Baby
Johan - About Time
MGMT - When You Die
Neon Waltz - Schoolhouse
Nomad - All Of My Heart
Old Swing - Time
Orange Skyline - Out Of The Blue
Oskar Braves - Discover
Pale Waves - Heavenly
Pale Waves - My Obsession
Pale Waves - New Year's Eve
Pale Waves - The Tide
Polar Fever - She Comes & She Goes
Primes - Breathe
Simple Minds - Summer
Simple Minds - The Signal And The Noise
Simple Minds - Walk Between Worlds
Smashing Pumpkins - Silvery Sometimes (Ghosts)
Smashing Pumpkins - Solara
Spector - Fine Not Fine
Spector - Untitled in D
SPINN - After Dark
Still Corners - Black Lagoon
Sunflower Bean - I Was A Fool
Sunflower Bean - Twentytwo
The Breeders - Nervous Mary
The Decemberists - Once In My Life
The Fratellis - I've Been Blind
The Orielles - 48 Percent
The Orielles - Let Your Dogtooth Grow
The Shacks - Follow Me
The Tambourine Girls - Jeanine
The Vaccines - I Can't Quit
The Vaccines - Nightclub
The Vaccines - Put It On A T-Shirt
The Vaccines - Take It Easy
The Voidz - Leave It In My Dreams
White Room - Stole The IV
Zero UK - Six O'clock

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