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This site allows you as an artist or band to promote your own music. Also, promoting a new song is possible. All this provided the music you make suits in what we stream on our radio station. (This text is unfortunately only in English).

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17. 03. 10

Tony Levitas is a song-writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He has just completed recording his third album, "Feel Good Now (Clarksdale, Mississippi)"

Tony Levitas


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17. 03. 10

Lazars Finest a project from two guys from Rotterdam (NL) The music is influenced by the sixties, the music, art and films of that time. In addition, you can also hear contemporary shoegazer tunes and catchy melodies through. They just released their new EP "Bardot/Why You're Here"

Lazars Finest - Dearly Beloved: Part One


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17. 02. 28

Holy Matrimony a great Indie rock/electro band based in Manchester. They will release their new EP "Dearly Beloved: Part One" on 31st March 2017.  Listen to 4 beautiful tracks!

Holy Matrimony - Dearly Beloved: Part One


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